November 2017Major new research programme kick-starts precision medicine revolution for incurable prostate cancer.  Read more here

September 2017Ovarian cancer drug could help more men with prostate cancer than first thought… A new study suggests olaparib could boost the efficacy of treatment for earlier-stage prostate cancer, after discovering how it can block the repair of DNA in cancer cells no matter what kind of the disease they have. Read more here

August 2017 – My experience of incontinence -After being diagnosed with localised prostate cancer in 2009, Tony decided to have surgery to remove his prostate. He describes his experience of urinary incontinence after surgery, and the different treatments he tried to make it better. Read more here.

January 2017 – ‘The biggest leap forward in diagnosis for decades’ – The results of a ground-breaking research trial, called PROMIS, have finally been made official and show that giving a man a multi-parametric MRI (mpMRI) scan before a biopsy radically improves the accuracy of detecting harmful prostate cancer, while also reducing the number of unnecessary biopsies by a quarter. Read more here.

January 2017 – New laser-activated drug treatment for early-stage prostate cancer patients – A new type of treatment for early-stage prostate cancer, using lasers to target tumours without damaging surrounding tissue, could offer a choice for men to avoid surgery or radiotherapy. But further research is needed to determine which cancers it’s most suited to and the long-term side effects. Read more here.

January 2017 – David Baxter Smith – Medical Tribunal Decision  – As many of you will know, David Baxter-Smith is a retired consultant urologist who is a keen supporter of PSA testing in the detection of prostate cancer. He has acted as an advisor to many organisations, including NEDPSA, at numerous prostate cancer awareness events across the country during the past few years As a result of a complaint made by a General Practitioner to the General Medical Council he was asked to attend a Tribunal, held in Manchester from 12th to 20th December 2016. It was claimed that as he had now retired from clinical practice and did not hold a licence to practice, the help he had given to prostate cancer awareness groups constituted misconduct.

You will be pleased to know that the Tribunal has found in his favour. It has acknowledged the
importance of the awareness campaign and could find no evidence that he had committed any misconduct. It also went further to criticise the General Medical Council who have failed to give any retired doctors clear guidance as to what they can (or cannot) do following retirement. You can read the full decision here.

BBC Radio 4 programme “Inside Health” has produced a series of very useful programmes about prostate cancer. To find out more click here

Prostate Cancer UK, new animation “What is advanced prostate cancer?” – This is an animation for men with advanced prostate cancer and their friends and family. It’s been developed as part of the online self-management guide on advanced prostate cancer. The aim is to help people understand what advanced prostate cancer is, how it can spread, and how it might cause problems, in a way that is easy-to-understand. This should give people the background knowledge to understand the problems they might have and how they might be able to use self-management technique and hopefully increase confidence when men are discussing these problems  with health professionals and accessing further support.  To view the animation click here

Prostate cancer patients ‘abandoned to deal with erection problems alone’ reports Prostate Cancer UK    Thousands of prostate cancer survivors affected by erectile dysfunction are being abandoned without adequate support, new Freedom of Information (FOI) data obtained by Prostate Cancer UK has revealed.  To read more click here

New prostate cancer awareness initiaves from Tackle   There are some exciting prostate cancer awareness initiatives Tackle would like to share with you, one directly involving Tackle and one in support of Movember, the fundraising campaign for men’s charities:

The first is about “Manversation”, a campaign to encourage men to speak about prostate cancer, particularly advanced prostate cancer. Tackle have collaborated with Orchid, the male cancer charity and put their name to a video and supporting material at this website . The campaign has been funded by Bayer and a range of “how to” guides have been produced – about how to have conversations aimed at the patient, families and healthcare professionals.  Please take a moment to have a look at the website and review the material.
The second initiative is one that originates from the Mick Flinn Band, who have associations with one of Tackle’s support groups Friends Of Prostate Cancer (FOPS) from Chorleywood in Hertfordshire. Mick Flinn has written the song “Curl a Mo” to raise funds for Movember and you can view the video (including some members of FOPS) on YouTube – click here . The song is available to download for 99p (proceeds to Movember) on Amazon .